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4 Reasons our Wrap Bracelet is the Perfect Boho Bridesmaid Gift

As you’ll know if you follow me on social media, I love a good Boho Wedding trend. I would have loved to get married by the sea in a gorgeous Temperley gown, flower crowns aplenty – ah well, maybe next time 😉

If you’re interested,  you can check out my ‘Boho Style’ and ‘Boho Wedding Guest’ boards on Pinterest.

Choosing gifts for your bridesmaids (boho or not!) can be a tricky job, especially if you have a few of them. Everyone is a different size, or has a different style and choosing something they can all wear on the day and treasure for years to come takes some thought.

Well, ponder no more my friends. The Kathryn King Designs Wedding Wrap Bracelet is the perfect boho bridesmaid gift. Here’s why:

It’s totally customisable.

You can customise every feature of the bracelet to your wedding and to each individual bridesmaid. You can choose the colour of the leather (I love the white, but hey it’s your wedding!); you can choose the perfect bead colour to match the theme of your wedding or even the favourite colours of each of the bridesmaids; and you can finish the perfect bracelet with the perfect charm – you can choose something that relates to the day itself or choose a charm for each individual bridesmaid, making the gift even more special and thoughtful.

Wedding Wrap Bracelet

It’s totally size adjustable.

Everyone is different. And while many lovely slim wristed ladies have 6” wrists, there are many (like me!) who tip the tape measure at over 7.5” Boom!! But hey, that’s ok – we are more than just our wrist size 😉 Each Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet comes with three different fastenings, so they are guaranteed to fit pretty much anyone – amazing, right?  Check out our size guide for more information on fit and sizing and say goodbye to fretting about whether the gifts you choose will fit!

4 Reasons our Signature Wrap Bracelet is the Perfect Boho Bridesmaid Gift

It’s an heirloom piece.

I know, I know what you’re thinking – “come on Kathryn, it’s a leather bracelet not a diamond ring!” But, I guarantee to you, if you look after it – don’t get it wet, don’t feed it after midnight… oh, wait… then it will last many, many years; lots of wears; loads of holidays and see you and your bridesmaids through a whole swathe of your milestone wedding anniversaries! Check out our FAQs for more ways to care for your bracelet and if you have any questions, we’d love to help. 

It’s a great reminder of a great day!

The whole thinking behind creating these bracelets was to design something you can wear everyday – something that goes with everything, is relaxed &  easy to wear, and versatile (check out our About page for more info). As such, your bridesmaid will receive a gift she can wear everyday and think about your special day and the part she played in it. The point is, on the ‘big day’ it will look great with your Boho-Styling, but a few weeks later it will still look great when she’s going to the beach with her mates, or getting glammed up for the night. A Kathryn King Designs Signature Wedding Wrap Bracelet – is not just for Weddings… or something like that!

Well, there you have it. Four Reasons our Signature Wrap Bracelet is the Perfect Boho Bridesmaid Gift. What do you think? Can you come up with anymore? We’d love to hear from you about anything Boho wedding, boho bridesmaid gift or bracelet related, so get in touch via Facebook or Instagram or drop us a line! 

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