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5 questions to ask before buying a wrap bracelet

There are so many different types of wrap bracelet available today from the very high end to the cheaply made knock offs! But, as a lover of wrap bracelets and the beachy relaxed style they evoke, how are you supposed to know the best way to go?? Well, fear not! As always, I am here to help and guide you with my top 5 questions to ask before buying a wrap bracelet…


1. Will it fit?

I’ve ranted (sorry – blogged!) before about the inconsistencies in sizing and getting bracelets to fit – for larger and smaller wristed ladies, so it should come as no shock this is top of my list! It is super important to me that my bracelets are size inclusive and available to as many amazing women as possible, so I create three closures per bracelet at greater lengths than most others. This means it can wrap five or six times, be looser or tighter – whatever you like and whatever fits best.

So, if possible, try it on – not all wrap bracelets are created equal! Buying online? Check the returns and refund policy to make sure you can send it back if it doesn’t fit.

2. Will it last?

Take a look at the materials and make sure you’re happy with the quality – after all, if you’re anything like me you’ll be wearing your wrap bracelet pretty much every day! And if you’re buying from a reputable company online, there should be a clear returns and refund policy so you can return your item if it’s not for you – no questions asked.

Like most jewellery, if you look after your Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet, it will give you years of faithful service! Take care to not get her soaking wet and keep her in her linen bag when she’s sleeping and you will be wearing her for a very long time.

3. Is it personalisable? (Is that a word??)

There’s something special about creating and wearing something only you have. Even if it’s just wearing a personal charm that means something you to on your bracelet. So, if you’re after something no one else has, you need to be wearing personalised jewellery.

At Kathryn King Designs, you can create a complete bracelet from scratch if you’re feeling creative – everything from the leather, the beads, the clasp and the charm can be designed by you, for something totally unique. Or, if you like to be able to choose something that already ‘works’, you can choose a ready to wear design, but you can still change the charm if you want to ?

4. What’s it made from?

Is the leather real or plastic? Are the beads top quality glass or plastic? Are the clasps and charms good quality precious metal? Good quality materials are so important when it comes to ensuring a great finish; creating a product that will last; and owning a piece of jewellery you love and will want to wear again and again. A good quality product will obviously cost a little extra, but is it really worth scrimping?

Read more about the materials we use at Kathryn King Designs.

5. Is it ethical?

There has been so much publicity about the ‘ethics of fashion’. The abuses of the labour force overseas and non-ethically sourced materials making their way into the clothing and accessories we wear. So, ask yourself – do you know where and how this item was made? If you don’t and the company you’re thinking of buying from can’t be really upfront with you about it, then is it really an ethical product?

I know the suppliers I use to ethically source the materials I need, and most are produced and/or based in the UK. Currently, I handmake each bracelet in my studio in beautiful Bristol – so I know there are no abuses of the work force ? Sometimes, I even pay myself minimum wage!

Me – making stuff!!


So, that’s it – my top 5 questions you need to ask before buying a wrap bracelet. I hope it’s helped anyone thinking of buying a wrap bracelet for themselves or as a gift.

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