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5 Ways to Update your Winter Wardrobe for Spring!

We might be looking forward to some warmer weather this week (yay!), but we are still well short of being able to put our winter things away for the year. So, how can our wardrobes keep us warm but still hint at the better weather we’re so desperate for?

Check out these five ways to update your winter wardrobe for spring.

Start adding touches of bolder colour into your outfits

Most of us tend to rely on darker, more neutral colours in the winter and I love a navy chunky knit as much as the next woman, but transitioning your winter wardrobe is all about lightening things up a little. If it’s still cold, you might not want to lighten the weight of your clothes but we can lighten up the colours!

Touches of lighter or bolder colours in your accessories is a great way to start feeling that warm glow of spring without exposing yourself to the still cool temperatures.

Relaxed Style


Get cosy with layering

It’s warm; it’s cold; it’s hot; it’s freezing; it’s more than likely raining! British springtime can be a lot like training for the SAS!!! So, get up close and personal with the concept of layering and never get caught out again.

Vests, t-shirts, shirts, cardigans, blazers – all look (and feel) great layered up. Add a bright trench coat to deal with those showers and you’re ready to go!

Candy Pink Wrap Bracelet


Don’t go all in too soon

When we do finally get a glimpse of the glorious BBQ summer we’re definitely going to have (ahem), it’s super tempting to go ‘all in’ and grab the nearest sundress and flip flops – my advice is – don’t! Four seasons in one day is not unheard of around here and what seemed like a great idea on a sunny morning, may not feel the best come rainy evening.

Ease yourself in gently and don’t try and beat the system by teaming your sundress with winter boots!!

Ok, ok – I know – she looks amazing, but she is a model and not popping to Sainsbury’s for a loaf of bread and a six pack!


Leggings are your best friend (just make sure they’re not see-through!)

Leggings are great aren’t they? Lighter than jeans, they make the perfect seasonal transition ‘bottom’.

Add a shirt dress and some flats and you’ve got a great basis for a killer spring outfit!

Dark Blue and Natural Leather Wrap Bracelet

Caution: always check leggings in good light in the mirror… see through/sheer leggings are the worst.


Start at the bottom

The easiest way to perk up your wardrobe is to ditch the boots and welcome the flats. Ah, the relief when you can finally put the big old black boots away and slip into something softer, brighter, more feminine – it’s my favourite bit about winter into spring dressing. There are some amazing flats on offer this year, so knock yourself out (not literally – the point of flats is not to fall over!). Here are some of my favourites:

So, how do you like to update your winter wardrobe ready for spring? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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