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Be ready for anything

You have a distinct personal style; you like to look good – but for you, that’s not about high fashion or fast fashion. Your everyday jewellery needs to be relaxed, easy to put together and easy to wear – your accessories need to be stylish, go-anywhere and go-with-anything for you to invest. We get it.

You’re looking for:

  • Easy to wear – looking good, accessorising and feeling great should always be easy.
  • Versatility – pieces that go with everything and take you anywhere.
  • Stress free styling – take the guesswork out of accessorising.
  • Subtle expression – enhance your personal style without overpowering your look.

This is what we call ‘Relaxed Style’ and we’re big fans here at Kathryn King Designs. This style resonates with women looking for stress free, easy to wear pieces that go with everything and always make them feel fabulous.

Our mission at Kathryn King Designs is to blend our contrasting needs to express individuality through jewellery and
fashion, with our desire for belonging. This creates a unique jewellery experience where all women are welcome, can express themselves, and feel supported.

Sounds great, right? Read on to learn more about our inspiration and process or click to check out our shop now!


Relaxed Style

Originally inspired by memories of making friendship bracelets as a child and of the braided bracelet I bought for my husband on our first holiday together (which he wore until the last strand snapped, despite insisting he NEVER wore jewellery!), Kathryn King Designs has grown from a personal memory into a shared connection.

This ‘friendship bracelet idea’ developed into the creation of my Signature Wrap Bracelet and from there has become the inspiration for a whole range of versatile collections designed with you in mind. Making it easy for you to put pieces together secure in the knowledge everything goes with everything else – ensuring you’re totally prepared for anything life throws at you.

It really is stress-free, go anywhere style at its best.

I want to design my own bracelet – can I do that?


About the Designer

I believe being ‘in flow’ is the key to a happy and creative life.

Spending time with my husband and our dogs, working in my home studio, and travelling are what keep me connected to my inspiration and allow me to focus on developing my signature relaxed style.

Staying calm, relaxed and secure is the key to my creativity since about 10 years ago when my world was turned upside down and I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. This experience, coupled with more recent loss has taught me the importance of close personal relationships, creating a life you love and not getting too hung up on what other people think!

I have created an environment and working practices that allow me to indulge my need to be close to the ones I love, to think, to relax and remain calm. I spend time with my dogs and walk in nature. I have views of my garden from my studio which is flooded with natural light. I make time in my working day to meditate. And perhaps, most awesome of all, when I create my pieces, I feel connected – in a meditative state – so the very act of working is soothing and relaxing.

It is my aim to bring some of that peace and calm into your day by creating relaxed, wearable, ‘go anywhere’ jewellery that feels like your best friend.

Check out my collections here.

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Kathryn x

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