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Birth Stone Jewellery – the Jewellery Trend that’s Easy to get Right!

Some of you might remember the social media posts I did a month or so ago about the latest trend for birth stone jewellery and zodiac related jewellery. Well, it looks as though this particular micro trend has morphed into a full blown, bona fide, actual trend.

So this week, I thought we could take a look at birth stones. Birth stone jewellery makes such a great birthday gift – you know the month their birthday is in, so it’s impossible to get wrong – genius!!!! They’re also a great way to personalise bridesmaids’ gifts. 

Most of the months have precious or semi-precious stones, which can get pretty expensive – I know you have great friends and fam, but not everyone wants to buy a diamond for their bestie’s 33rd birthday cos it’s in April – am I right??! So, read on to find affordable alternatives and take a look at the amazing Swarovski charms you can add to any Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet to make it the perfect piece of Birth Stone Jewellery.


Garnet – Garnet is the traditional stone, but in this this charm Swarovski uses beautiful Rose Quartz CZ to emulate the calming and loving meaning of the original.

January Birth Stone Jewellery



Amethyst – this beautiful pale purple colour is so wearable – you lucky old Februaries you! This Purple CZ stone is beautiful. 

February Birth Stone Jewellery



Aquamarine – actually translates as Sea Water, which is handy being blue and all! Aqua Blue Cubic Zirconia is a great substitute.

March Birth Stone Jewellery


Diamond – nice try Aprils! Much as we’d love to give you a diamond every year this beautiful Clear Crystal CZ Swarovski charm will have to do!

April Birth Stone Jewellery



Emerald – the boldest of all the green gemstones and the most expensive! So, good for you Mays!!! This Emerald CZ charm works perfectly. 

May Birth Stone Stone Jewellery



Pearl – so beautiful in all it’s forms, often used in bridal jewellery and fashion to represent purity. This is a Pearl CZ charm, but looks so great. 

June Birth Stone Jewellery



Ruby – vibrant and full of colour, you can’t beat a brilliant red ruby – especially if your birthday is in July! This Red Cubic Zirconia does the trick! 

July Birth Stone Jewellery



Peridot – this lime green gem stone brings strength and combats negativity – as well as being flippin’ gorgeous. This Peridot CZ has such a great colour. 

August Birth Stone Jewellery



Sapphire – oh, how I wish I’d been born in September! Blue is my favourite colour and this Sapphire CZ is the most wonderful of blue stones. 

September Birth Stone Jewellery



Opal – rainbow hues and mystical depths make opal the most special of stones. My mother’s birthstone was Opal and she believed is was bad luck for anyone other than an October birthday to wear one. Luckily her grand-daughter Molly is an October birthday and was able to inherit her collection of beautiful Opals. Treat your favourite October birthday to this Opal CZ charm. 

October Birth Stone Jewellery



Topaz – this is my birth stone… you know… just in case you were thinking of getting me something! Luckily Topaz comes in many colour variations, so I can always wear my beloved blue!!! But this classic golden hue Topaz CZ is gorgeous! 

November Birth Stone Jewellery



Turquoise – this beautiful stone is becoming more and more rare and pretty difficult to get hold of. Luckily, Swarovski’s Turquoise Cubic Zirconia is the perfect match.

December Birth Stone Jewellery


So there you have it. Our quick guide to birthstones and birth stone jewellery. We love these Swarovski charms, which are available to add to any Designed by You – Birth Stone Bracelet.

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