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“Should I Buy Jewellery for Myself?” Yes. And Here are Three Reasons Why…

In the past, women have been expected to ‘sit around’ and wait for jewellery to be bought for them (usually by the men in their lives) – engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. 

But, hey – it’s 2018 and things are changing, sista!!  

Nowadays, lots of women are buying great jewellery for themselves everyday – and not just fashion, costume or demi-fine – we’re going for the good stuff!

I’ve never been very good at waiting for things and with my birthday in November, most of my ‘gifts’ are corralled into the end of the year – and that’s a long time to wait! So, in answer to your question “should I buy jewellery for myself?”… hell yes! And here’s why…


1. Park the guilt – it serves no-one!

As women, most of us tend to put others before ourselves (I know, I know – massive generalisations do not a good argument make but come on – it’s true!!!). Check out this article on Refinery29 about how we love to judge women who spend money! 

So, as long as you don’t have a dangerous jewellery habit that deprives you and your family of food and shelter, I say – go for it. If it’s your money and you earned it with your own two hands – buy yourself something nice. It might feel weird and naughty at first. Hell, your heart rate might soar. But in the end, you’ll feel good knowing you did something wonderful for yourself and we’re all allowed to do that!

Suffering from buyers’ remorse? Take it back/send it back. Always check out returns policies – especially when buying online – I have a ‘no questions asked’ returns policy. So, if you don’t like the colour, change your mind or simply feel like returning it because it’s raining – you can!

Buy Jewellery for Myself


2. You’ll always have something you love…

I’m horrible to buy for. There, I said it.

I have quite specific tastes and style and I know it can be difficult to get me something I like. In preparation for birthdays or Christmas, I always either end up providing a list of items to choose from or get the dreaded gift card!!

I used to fantasise that someday someone would know me so well they would know exactly what to buy and would know with excited certainty I would love whatever they bought. The look of trepidation on my husband’s face when he hands me a gift on Christmas morn tells me we have not reached this state of Nirvana quite yet!

Obviously, I love everything he buys because he bought it for me (and it’s usually off my list!), but who really wants to wear jewellery they don’t like or leave something that probably cost ‘proper money’ languishing in their jewellery box?

So, go and buy it yourself! Dispense with the sleepless nights, the anxiety and the disappointment. Save up those ‘gift opportunities’ for something else – stuff you can do together – go out for the day; go to a fancy restaurant; or go on holiday – and wear the gorgeous jewellery you bought for yourself which you love and makes you feel great!

Buy Jewellery for Myself


3. Who wants to sit around and wait for a man to buy them something?

Finally, this! Forbes have a great article on “Female Self-Purchase” – yep, that’s they’re calling it!! The percentage of women spending money on jewellery for themselves has risen by 14% with the number of men buying women’s jewellery remaining constant.

Women are making up to 78% of women’s jewellery purchases in some areas, but the cost of each individual purchase is lower. We spend less, but we spend more often.

This could be down to the fact we tend to buy jewellery around certain ‘triggers’ – as a treat, to finish a look for a specific occasion, when we’re going on holiday, or buying gifts for our female friends. Guilt about spending too much might also play a part (see point 1!).

Buy Jewellery for Myself

So, hopefully I’ve convinced you that the answer to the question “Should I Buy Jewellery for Myself?” is a definite yes. In fact, not only is it OK – it’s pretty much essential!

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