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Question: “I want to design my own bracelet – can I do that?”

“I  want to get my creative head on and design my own bracelet. Can I?” Hell yeah!!! we’ve got everything you need to help you do that.

You can do it a couple of ways…

1. Request a replacement charm on a ready to wear bracelet.

In creating our ‘Ready to Wear’ Bracelet Collection, we’ve kind of done the heavy lifting for you – you’re welcome!

We work with the gorgeous Miyuki Cube Beads everyday – we know all the finishes, colours and mixes, and which of all these hundreds of options really works. We should, right? We pretty much look at beads all day!!!

Candy Pink Wrap Bracelet

We also know all the different leather finishes we have available – flat black, chocolate brown, antique black or brown, white and even some custom colours like blue, red and green! And with the strong relationships we have with our suppliers, we’re the first to know when something new and exciting becomes available.

So, with all this knowledge, as well as how to match the ‘hardware’ (all the metal elements) with the best beads and leather combinations, you could really just leave it all to us.

But… what if you love a ready made design, but want to switch out the charm? Well, now you’re talking! That’s a great way to make sure all the elements go together, but still be able to stamp your personality on the bracelet design.

All you have to do is when you place your order through the website, drop us a quick email to and let us know what you’re thinking.


We have loads of different charms in stock – some of which never make it on to the website (some would call it an obsession – I call it ‘healthy professional interest’!!) – and if we don’t have the kind of thing you’re looking for, we can find it!

Does that sound like a challenge?! Go for it – let us know what you’d like, no matter how crazy or outrageous. We’re totally up for it.

Or, if charms are not your thing – remove it completely.

One of the joys of making and ‘amending’ designs to order is that we have complete control over what happens – and so do you.


2. Design your Own Bracelet… from scratch.

Oh yes. This is where you can get really creative… get your felt pens out and design your own personal bracelet from the leather up.

The process is pretty simple and we’ve tried to include all the different options of beads, leather, hardware, and charm under the ‘Designed By You’ product in our shop to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you want.

Check it out – it’s pretty cool!

But again, as with the ready to wear option, if you don’t see what you want or would like something a little different, just drop us a line.

Mixed Metal and Natural Leather Wrap Bracelet

Want to mix up the beads in random colours? Awesome!

Want to mix your metals? Go for it!

Want a ‘Gnome’ charm? What the hell… it’s not for me to judge!

So, get creative and design your own bracelet for a one of a kind, unique bracelet that’s 100% you.


Check out all our bracelets and earrings and create your very own personal relaxed style. 

Or if you’re looking for some inspiration, why not take our Bracelet Finder Quiz and get a personalised style breakdown and find the perfect Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet to match your style?

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