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Essential Boho Fashion Every Bohemian Femme Must Own!

Whether you consider yourself a ‘Bohemian’ or not, everyone loves to channel their inner free spirit! So get down with our Guide to Essential Boho Fashion!

A bohemian plans her wardrobe to flaunt all the beauties that nature has to offer. She flaunts her curves with artsy prints and delightful fashion staples that allow her to ravish her curvaceous figure without burdening her with synthetic fabrics.

Here are all the essential boho fashion staples a hardcore (or not!) bohemian must own:

Maxi Skirts

Essential Boho Fashion: Maxi Skirts

A bohemian girl simply can’t plan a wardrobe without owning at least a dozen maxi skirts in glorious floral, paisley, graphic, animal and bold prints. Maxi skirts are basically your go-to street style staples and you must flaunt them with great abundance. Pair them up with your regular knitted tops, cropped vests and all other staples that allow you to channel your inner Boho goddess.

Ankle Boots

Essential Boho Fashion: Ankle Boots

These are your go-to footwear staple to hit the streets, be it a casual day out, a brunch with friends or a fancy get-together. You can experiment around with funky trends like tassels, fringes, chain detailing, rockstuds and cowboy boots. Be sure to pick out ankle boots in neutral hues, like grey, black, tan and camel.

Head Gear

Essential Boho Fashion: Head Gear

Invest in a wide array of head-wraps, headbands, floral bands and thin elastic hippie headbands that look earthly and close to natural. These accessories will also allow you to flaunt your gorgeous mane with your curls tumbling down your back.

Maxi Dresses

Essential Boho Fashion: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are intensely bohemian, and they provide our wardrobe a dramatic dose of effortless glamour. They are super-functional on days when we simply can’t decide what to wear or we’re running out of time. Stock maxi dresses in a wide array of floral prints, and be sure to pick out boldly bright hues that will make your attire standout with a delightful splash of colour.

Fringed Shorts

Essential Boho Fashion: Fringed Shorts

Shorts are minimal and they allow us bohemian lovers to flaunt our curves with an intensely chic finish. Pair them up with your knitted tops, tees and off-the-shoulder tops, and throw on a floral printed kimono or a cape.

Gladiator Sandals

Essential Boho Fashion: Gladiator Sandals

These strappy delights will put an end to all your flip flop anxieties, and give your feet a luxurious comfort every time you hit the streets. You can flaunt these beauties at work, on the streets, on dinners and lunches, and of course, sandy beaches and vacation resorts. You must also invest in high heeled and thigh-high gladiators to play up your above-the-knee dresses and mini-skirts.

Lacy Knit

Essential Boho Fashion: Lacy Knit

Since cashmere, wool and other synthetic fabrics are a no-no zone for a true bohemian, you must make up for their charm with tantalizingly see-through lace-knit sweaters, cardigans and capes.

Boho Accessories

Dark Rainbow Blue Wrap Bracelet

Seal the look with an exotic ethnic choker, gypsy belts, Boho bracelets, Feather Earrings, funky pedants and all your other bohemian indulgences.

PS – this is all just a bit of fashion fun 🙂 Please don’t get your knickers in a twist about me ‘telling’ you what you simply must wear! Be cool – don’t sweat it 😉