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Festival Survival Guide: Notes on Planning a Chic Bohemian Outfit

We might be well into Festival Season, but there is still some time left! So, grab our Festival Survival Guide and have a great time!

Surviving the festival season with glamour and picking out the right Boho staples to channel your inner goddess is a task that requires research, effort and planning.

Here are all your Festival Survival Guide notes to create a voguishly on-point bohemian festival statement:

Boho Boots

Festival Survival Guide: Boho Boots

If you’re a hardcore bohemian, how can you even imagine hitting a festival without flaunting a kick ass pair of Boho boots? You can experiment with wellies, cowboy boots, tasselled boots, embellished boots, chain detailings, ankle boots and all other Boho indulgences.

The Hun

Festival Survival Guide: The Hun

Hun is the trendiest hairstyle to have exploded in street style all over the world, and it is a super-functional hairdo if you want to beat the heat without compromising your style. The sun is always blazing during summer festivals, and you can cool off by tying up your front strands in an immaculate bun, and letting your back strands tumble down your back. Seal the look with a classy pair of dark aviators.


Festival Survival Guide: Twirlin’

Festivals are a fabulous occasion for a moment of twirlin’ glamour, and you can play up any skirt in any size that strikes your fancy. Feel free to play up fishnet stockings with a sexy figure-hugging velvet or suede button-down mini-skirt. Or you can twirl around in a summer-friendly cotton skirt with a splendid exotic bohemian print, which could be paisley, floral, animal prints or wander-lusting.

Graphic Statement

Festival Survival Guide: Graphic Statement

‘Tis the perfect time of the year to flaunt a loud and bold graphic statement, with embroidered feministic slangs, bold detailings, graphic painting, and all other bohemian artistic indulgences that allow you to ravish your inner goddess. Flaunt a faded graphic jacket, embroidered denims, graphic tees, or skirts perhaps.

The Hat Trick

Festival Survival Guide: The Hat Trick

Hats are an essential must-have for summertime festivals, and the best part is, they make you look sexy and voguish. The hat trick can help you beat a bad hair day on a day as important as festival-time. It helps you beat the heat, and to top it all, hats ensure splendid selfies. Seriously, what’s not to love? Experiment around, be as funky, embroidered, cowboyish, lacy and gypsy as you like!

Sheer Glam

Festival Survival Guide: Sheer Glam

Sheer outfits are all the rage during the festival season, and when you pick out embroidered sheer lace or a sheer maxi dress atop a curve-hugging bustier or romper, it amplifies the glam of your bohemian statement.

Boho Accessories

Fuchsia Gold Wrap Bracelet

Seal the look with an exotic ethnic choker, gypsy belts, Boho bracelets, Feather Earrings, funky pedants and all your other bohemian indulgences.

So, now you’re all set!