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Finding Bracelets that Fit – Sisters, the Struggle is REAL!

The average women’s wrist size in the UK is 7” or 17.8cm. My wrist is a smidge over that at 7.25” and yet when I wanted to buy engraved silver bangles I had to have them specially made in an EXTRA LARGE! So, why is it so difficult to get bracelets that fit? 

I’ve tried other wrap bracelets (I know, it was a very long time ago ?) and the largest closure is never more than 35” for a five wrap bracelet. Now, I’m no mathematician (there are many teachers in Carmarthen who will testify to that!), but even I can work out that if your wrist is the average 7” that bracelet will be too small to fasten and leave any kind of comfortable wriggle room – so what gives?

In the past if I wanted to buy ‘fashion jewellery’ from the high street, I pretty much had to make do with an ugly, circulation-strangling elastic bracelet or go without. Well, no more!

As women, we’re made to feel guilty about all the numbers in our lives – the number of candles on the birthday cake, the number on the bathroom scales, our waist to boob ratio (say what now?!) – and now our wrist size??

And it’s not just about me and my ‘big old wrists’ – the struggle is real if your wrists are smaller than average too. My sister-in-law Cerys has teensy weensy tiny wrists and finds it difficult to find things that don’t fall off or are even comfortable.

That’s why, when I designed my Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet, I needed to meet certain criteria:

  • It had to be size inclusive – I wanted everyone to feel welcome and that there was a friend here for them to find. I wanted to make bracelets that fit as many people as possible.
  • It had to be something I really wanted to wear myself
  • I had to enjoy making it – otherwise what’s the point?
  • It had to be personalisable in some way – friendships are personal and each one is different, so my bracelets had to have a way to express this
  • It had to be relaxed in style – to feel like an ‘old friend’
  • It had to be ‘go anywhere, with anything’ – just like your best friend!

That’s why all my bracelets are beaded (from the clasp) to 34″ (approx. 86.5). There are then four closures at 35” (approx 89cm), 36” (approx 91cm); 37” (approx  94cm) and 38” (approx 96.5cm). Check out our size guide for more. 

This gives the widest possible range of bracelets that fit regardless of wrist size!

Cerys wearing her Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet – click the image to get yours!

Let me know in the comments if this is something you or anyone you know has struggled with, I’d love to hear from you.

Me, and my big old wrists: 

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