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What does ‘free spirit’ mean to you?

You may (or may not!) know I am doing some work on my brand and when I was thinking about ‘themes’, purpose and associations, the words Free Spirit kept coming up again and again for me. “Great” you might think, but no!! This was causing me a problem…

What is a ‘Free Spirit’?

When I think of ‘Free Spirit’, I think of a hippie/hipster type; maybe even a 60’s flower child; a bohemian; a gypsy (as I’m writing this, ‘Gypsy’ by Fleetwood Mac is playing – weird!!!!); a wanderer; a roving starving artist or musician; purposeless, directionless; go with the flow; sleep under the stars. Now, I’m not saying that kind of freedom and care free attitude isn’t awesome, or that it doesn’t hold a certain amount of appeal – it’s just not very ‘me’ or ‘my brand’ or my ‘ideal customer’.

Free Spirit

Well, it is a wrap bracelet…

So, even though my Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet has a slightly boho feel to it – it’s a wrap bracelet after all – the epitome of relaxed California summer cool –  it’s very much a ‘grown-up’ version using super high quality materials and carrying a price tag to match.

Do hippies buy £75.00 bracelets? I’m guessing no…

So, I thought a bit more about this and did some digging and I came across this beautiful image and definition:

Free Spirit


Where all the hippies at? 

Well, that doesn’t even mention the 60’s or hippies!

Maybe it was me (me?!!) – did I have a ‘Free Spirit’ perception problem?!

I asked around. A very scientific research method, you understand! And reactions were mixed. Some people were like me and took the ‘boho’ vibe to the extreme (playing guitar under the stars, singing Kum By Yah …), but lots of people had an idea much more in tune with the definition above. Hang on, was I doing all the Free Spirits in the world a disservice? Including myself????? Cos those words up there? That’s me to a tee!!

I went back to my values – personal and business – and looked again.

Three of my main values as a business are:

  • Irreverent
  • Rebellious
  • Authentic

And ‘Rebellious’ is a big one for me personally too – my poor parents, right?!! ?

Coming at it from that angle, suddenly Free Spirit made perfect sense!

Understanding my own connection with the words ‘Free Spirit’ opened up a whole new way of looking at things and after that, the brand stuff flowed so easily.

So, come one and all…

Hippie, hipster, Free Spirit, rock chick, boho babe, indie girl, emo, corporate high flyer, smarty-pants, mystery woman, athleisure addict, edgy fashionista – we can be grown up, adult and elegant, but still connect with our inner Free Spirit – WHATEVER IT IS INSIDE THAT MAKES YOU – YOU! That is your Free Spirit.

Free Spirit


I can’t wait to start representing these ideas in my brand and in everything I do.

Special thanks to Gwendi Klisa from Love Brand for helping me with the Business Brand Stuff; and to Michelle Reeves from Michelle Reeves Coaching for helping me with some pretty revelatory personal values stuff – you should check them both out, they are brilliant, wonderful Free Spirited women ?

So, over to you…

What does ‘Free Spirit’ mean to you? Are you embracing your inner Free Spirit and living your life in a way that supports your values?

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