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How to rock a wrap bracelet in your 40s & beyond

Want to know how to rock a wrap bracelet in your 40s? My first instinct is to say – put it on your wrist, wrap it, fasten it – you’re good to go!  I 100% feel everyone should wear whatever makes them feel unstoppable! But, this is a genuine question someone asked me, so let’s take a look at some ideas:

Mix things up!

Don’t be too matchy-matchy with your jewellery. When everything looks like it came from a set it can look dated. Pieces that complement each other from a similar colour palette work great, and don’t be afraid to mix metals too!

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Go for quality.

A few really nice quality pieces will make a cool, subtle statement, rather than lots of cheaper or ‘fashion’ items. This may be…overkill…..?!!

Relaxed Style is my thing and is perfect if you’re 40+.

Effortless chic will (for me) always be embodied in a great pair of jeans, a shirt and an amazing jacket. Too formal and it’s overdone, so adding a more casual accessory can stop everything looking too contrived.

Click on the image to shop the look via Polyvore.

Know your colours.

I had my colours done a couple of years ago and it was a revelation! I now stick to cool colour palettes and stay away from gold…mostly. Although a teensy hint of gold at my wrist is ok, right? Rules are made to be broken!

I’m going to be doing a post soon on what to wear for your skin tone if you don’t know how, but in the meantime, go with your gut and what makes you feel good! Check out this Instyle article for some great info.

Yes you can dress them up too!

I love my wrap bracelets because they take me anywhere! Day to night; beach to dancefloor; office to pub! And for me, it’s that versatility that makes them an indispensable part of my wardrobe.

Remember, these are just my thoughts about wearing a wrap bracelet in your 40s and are in response to a question asked and could just as easily apply to under 40s too. Please don’t get upset because I’m trying to tell you what to wear according to your age – I’m not. You’re all amazing and should wear whatever makes you happy – whatever age you are!

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