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I love my wrap bracelet, but I can’t wear a wrap bracelet to a wedding … can I?!

Ok, let’s get this straight – you can wear your wrap bracelet anywhere! That’s it – end of blog… Ha, ha – you don’t get off that lightly! Seriously, I am a firm believer in our ‘Relaxed Style’…design aesthetic and the idea that your wrapbracelet goes with you anywhere…and with anything.  So, as a wedding guest how do you navigate these tricky waters and still get your wrap on? Read on, as we answer the question on everyone’s lips: I can’t wear a wrap bracelet to a wedding …can I?!


Hot wedding trends for 2018:


The Destination Wedding

Jetting off to a glamorous location is still big news for weddings this year. Although, people are steering clear of the traditional beach or Caribbean destinations and going for interesting country retreat type venues – think French Chateaux and Italian Vineyards.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to this style wedding, you really can go all out in the fashion stakes – we’re talking hats, heels and glamorous accessories.

wear a wrap bracelet to a wedding

Romantic Botanicals

This is what we might have called ‘vintage or boho’ until recently and is still very strong this year. Driven by beautiful relaxed blooms (check Meghan Markle’s wedding flowers for inspiration), a great country location and relaxed atmosphere.

This is really where the wrap bracelet comes into her own and feels totally at home. Designed with the Boho Bride in mind, our wedding collection brings together relaxed style colours, romantic charms and even a couple of small blue beads – you know, something blue!!!

wear a wrap bracelet to a wedding

Black Accents

There was a period a few years ago where everyone was into Black and White weddings (which included instructions for monochrome guest attire too!), but this year the focus is on small accents of black, adding a touch of class and elegance to any ceremony.

If you’re going to a black accent wedding, you could give a little nod to the theme in your accessories and go for some dark touches to stop the whole thing looking funereal!

wear a wrap bracelet to a wedding


Well, I hope you feel inspired by our wedding wrap edit and totally get that you can wear your wrap bracelet literally anywhere!!! Yes – you can wear a wrap bracelet to a wedding ? As always, if you have any questions, please drop a comment below or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram – we’d particularly love to see pictures of you wearing your wrap bracelets to weddings! 

See all our bracelets here and our earrings here. Enjoy! 

PS – there’s a big announcement coming…! Keep your eyes peeled on social media for some exciting news… 🙂