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Where Joy Hides; A Ted Talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee – My Thoughts

A link to a Ted Talk popped into my Facebook feed this morning. It was a talk by a lady called Ingrid Fetell Lee. I had never heard of her before, but something made me press play on that video. She had a beautiful, draping colourful dress on – maybe it was that?

As I was lying in bed scrolling through Facebook feeling decidedly ‘unjoyful’ at the thought of having to get up and ‘face the day’ after having enjoyed a lovely Bank Holiday weekend filled with fun evenings with friends; walks with the dogs; and lazy afternoons binge-watching Killjoys on TV (OMG – that’s weird considering this blog is about joy!) this video popped up. And so, in an effort to ‘delay the inevitable’ for a few more minutes, I hit play. I am so glad I did. If you have a spare 15 minutes today, then please, please, please watch it.


It got me thinking about my work (specifically my Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelets) and how much joy creating beautiful things to wear brings me; but it also got me thinking about the joy it brings to others – and how and why that might work.

During the video, she talks about ‘joy beginning with the senses’ and how there are recurring ‘things’ that bring us all joy – bright colours, googly eyes (!) and multiplicity are just a few (hey – I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you!!).

There are also patterns to these things:

  • Symmetry – the pleasing symmetry of cubes nestling next to one another? Don’t get me started!!!! 😉
  • Repetition – the act of wrapping the bracelet around the wrist multiple times.
  • Colour – this is so important and personal to each of us and I love thinking about the colours and finishes on the beads I use.
  • Abundance/Multiplicity – there are over 260 individual beads in each bracelet, this is itself creates a feeling of abundance.

Towards the end of the talk, she mentions how ‘angles’ are not joyful. But I use cubes – cubes aren’t joyful???!!! What???? But even taking this as ‘fact’, I prefer to look at the piece as a whole, and despite my love and use of squares and cubes, the overall effect is undulating, wavy, curved, ‘wrapping’ lines.

This makes me feel joy. I hope you do too. I’m all for “putting ourselves in the path of joy” more often.

Watch the video – it’s joyful!! 


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