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Quarterly Colour Focus: Spring is here! How to wear Green

Green can be a tricky colour to wear. The colour itself can be warm or cool and if you’re not sure about your skin tone, it’s easy to get it wrong. Personally, I tend to stay away from lots of green (preferring to add touches in my accessories), but I know lots of people who love it! So, let’s take a look at how to wear green well this spring!

Pick a great co-ordinating neutral

To avoid looking like the Green Goddess, I find the best way for me to wear green is to add touches into my outfit backed up by a great neutral suited to my (cool) skin tone. Cool skin tones tend to look better in black and white, while warmer colours can use cream, tan or chocolate brown as a base and look fab. Check out the graphic in this blog for a quick guide if you’re not sure about yours.


Quarterly Colour Focus: Spring is coming. How to wear… Green


Make it pop with a touch of red

Red is opposite green on the colour wheel, which means they complement each other brilliantly – decades of green and red Christmas colour schemes can’t be wrong! But to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, keep it low key and avoid fir tree green and Santa red! A great green skirt and a pair of red sling backs is always classy. Emma Stone always looks amazing in green… ok – she always looks amazing!

Blue and green should never be seen…yada, yada!

Most of the things your mother told you were definitely correct – eating your crusts will give you curly hair, carrots will help you see in the dark etc. But the blue green thing? Wrong. Blue looks amazing with green – especially blue denim. The two colours form a harmonious colour palette which is very easy on the eye and insistently whisper ‘relaxed style’. Slide in some gold accents too.


Well, those are my thoughts on the colour that literally sings Spring! If you have any ideas for how to wear green for the spring, we’d love to hear them… or better yet, send us pictures of you rocking a range of green hues!

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