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The high quality materials we use… A quick guide

Lots of people ask why I make my bracelets using the materials I do and why that makes them different. So, buckle up – here’s my guide to the high quality materials we use to make our bracelets, earrings and necklaces (necklaces coming soon – excited!!!!!).

But first of all, let’s look at why I do what I do at all!


Why wrap bracelets?

When I decided I wanted to pour all my pent up creative energy into a ‘new business’ – I’d already worked in corporate marketing, been a wedding stylist, and a soft furnishings designer… what could be my next victim…sorry target!

I love bracelets – I always have. And especially wrap bracelets. They can be tough and edgy; pretty and feminine; easy to wear or statement – what’s not to love?

But they were all getting a bit ‘samey’ – round beads on leather with a button… blah…blah. Also, as a woman with large wrists (actually only a teensy bit larger than average – don’t get me started! Check out my fully-fledged rant here!) I was finding it more difficult to find standard stuff to fit.

So, I started researching. I came across lots of variations on the theme and finally decided on the style of bracelet I wanted to make:

  • It had to be something I really wanted to wear myself.
  • It had to be size inclusive – I wanted to create a unique jewellery experience where all women are welcome, can express themselves, and feel supported.
  • I had to enjoy making it – otherwise what’s the point?
  •  It had to be personalisable in some way – each one of us is different, so my bracelets had to have a way to express this.
  • It had to be relaxed in style – to feel like an ‘old friend’ every time you wear it.
  • It had to be ‘go anywhere, with anything’ – as versatile as possible.
  • I wanted to use high quality materials – if I’m spending hours making these things, they need to last!!! 

You can read more about my ‘Why’ here.

quality materials

The Beads

During my research, I discovered Japanese Miyuki Cube Beads and fell in love. I can’t remember where I first saw them, but I was immediately smitten. I couldn’t believe people weren’t already using them – it seemed like a no brainer to me! The neatness and symmetry of the cubes slotting together – I get chills!!! Ok, maybe I’m weird, but go with it! I looked and looked and no one was using cubes in wrap bracelets – yay!

Miyuki has a world-wide reputation for producing the best quality, the most uniform and the most diverse selection of seed beads in the industry and are used by crafters, beaders, fashion designers and high end boutiques everywhere. Their cube beads? Not used so much. So, I had my unique beads.

quality materials

The Leather

All our leather is UK produced and hand dyed to give it the rich colour and patina my customers love. I have experimented with other types of leather including Vegan options, but I haven’t found anything that comes close texture and feel-wise. But I will keep looking – fear not, my Vegan friends – I will find a good leather substitute… not pleather…. It’s truly terrible!

quality materials

The Clasp

Our clasps are precious metal plated Zamak. Zamak alloy is awesome. The blend of zinc, aluminium and copper make it such a great material that has the perfect hardness for accessories. Our clasps are plated in luxurious rose gold, silver or gun metal to create the perfect finish.

quality materials

The Marque

Every Kathryn King Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet carries the laser etched ‘K’ marque to prove its quality (we only use high quality materials, dontcha know!) and authenticity – accept no imitations people! If there’s no ‘K’ it’s not one of mine.

quality materials

So, I hope that’s given you an insight into the types of high quality materials we use and why. You can find out more on the Materials page of our website.

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