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The Reign of Tassels: Hottest Boho Trends of the Year

Tassels have created quite the fashion frenzy this year, and designers all over the world have proclaimed them as the hottest trend to hoard up in our wardrobes. They exude a fiercely bohemian vibe, and you can flaunt them in an abundant myriad of staples, accessories and trends.


Here, take a look at your best picks to flaunt tassels this year:


The Reign of Tassels: Bijou

Tasselled accessories are all the rage this season, be it tasselled pendants, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, anklets, arm cuffs, or statement earrings. These delicately exotic jewellery items have caused quite the fashion frenzy in both, casual and festive wear. And this summer, one simply can’t put together an on-point festival statement without adding up a bunch of long navel-grazing tassel pendants and earrings to one’s look.



The Reign of Tassels: Footwear

The tassel trend has taken the footwear radar literally by the storm, and we simply cannot hoard up enough of these tasselled beauties. From high heels, platforms, and boots to flats, pumps and loafers, tassels are everywhere to be seen. Be it detailing, soles, heels, or straps, designers have added tassels to anything and everything, and the effect is utterly delightful. These tasselled shoes look so voguishly on-point and they give one’s personality an insanely chic Boho finish.


Clothing Staples

The Reign of Tassels: Clothing Staples

Tassels have marked a new age of clothing staples, and we must admit, bohemian goddesses who adore Boho fashion have never had so much to rejoice in fashion. From casual street style to black tie and festive wear, tassels are being added to hemlines, necklines, sleeves, ribbons, belts, and all other places possibly imaginable. These tasselled detailings give outfits a delightfully voguish and beautifully colourful presentation, and this year, you simply mustn’t hold back from flaunting these tasselled beauties.



The reign of tassels: Handbags

Tassels have emerged as the hottest trend to shop in handbags, and the effect is so utterly voguish. Designers have added tassels to all kinds of fabrics, be it velvet, suede or leather, and Boho-loving fashionistas have so much to cherish about this trend. This year, you can shop tasselled crossbody bags, shoulder-slings, clutches, totes, bucket bags, hand-carry bags and so much more. The variety is incredibly endless and we implore you to hoard up as many of these tasselled handbags as you possibly can. They are truly all the rage!



The Reign of Tassels: Outerwear

Festive jackets, shearling bombers, coats, capes, denim jackets, leather jackets, kimonos trenches and all other outwear staples have undergone a spectacular tasselled adornment and the effect has outdone all other trends with their magnificently bohemian aplomb.


Boho Accessories

Matt White Wrap Bracelet

Seal the look with an exotic ethnic choker, gypsy belts, Boho bracelets, Feather Earrings, funky pedants and all your other bohemian indulgences.