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Relaxed Style. We’re big fans here, but what does it mean?

Today is World Meditation Day and while I have to try really hard to maintain any kind of meaningful meditation practice myself for more than a few days (!), being calm and relaxed is really important to me. So much so, I made Relaxed Style an important part of the Kathryn King Designs ‘brand’* and we use the hashtag #RelaxedStyle in all our posts – which you can follow on Instagram.

What is Relaxed Style?

So, what is Relaxed Style?  

Dictionary definition of relaxed:

  • freed from or lacking in precision or stringency;
  • set or being at rest or at ease;
  • easy of manner;
  • informal; or
  • somewhat loose-fitting and usually casual in style.

Dictionary definition of style:

  • the state of being popular;
  • fashionable elegance;
  • beauty;
  • grace; or
  • ease of manner.

Smash them both together and you have our definition! 

Kathryn King Designs’ definition of Relaxed Style:

  • Easy to wear – looking good, accessorising and feeling great should always be easy.
  • Versatile – pieces that go with everything and take you anywhere.
  • Stress free styling – take the guesswork out of accessorising.
  • Subtle expression – enhance your personal style [link to quiz] without overpowering your look.

This style resonates with women looking for easy to wear pieces that go with everything and always make them feel fabulous. Day to night, beach to bar, office to dinner – it’s that simple! 

Why is this so important to ME?

I believe being ‘in flow’ is the key to a happy and creative life.

Spending time with my husband and our dogs, working in my home studio, and travelling are what keep me connected to my inspiration and allow me to focus on developing my signature relaxed style.

Staying calm, relaxed and secure is the key to my creativity since about 10 years ago when my world was turned upside down and I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. This experience, coupled with more recent terrible loss has taught me the importance of close personal relationships, creating a life you love and not getting too hung up on what other people think – I’m still working on this one!!!

I have tried to create an environment and working practices that allow me to indulge my need to be close to the ones I love, to think, to relax and remain calm. My studio has views of my garden and is flooded with natural light (gets a bit cold in the winter – thank God for oil radiators!). I try to make time in my working day to meditate – somewhat patchily! I drink lots of tea (!) And perhaps, most awesome of all, when I create my pieces, I feel connected – in a meditative state – so the very act of working is soothing and relaxing.

It is my aim to bring some of that peace and calm into your day by creating relaxed, wearable, ‘go anywhere’ jewellery that feels like your best friend. Check out our latest collections for summer!

Or if you’re unsure which of our beautiful bracelets will suit you best, take our quick quiz and get the low down on your style personality and which of our bracelets is your perfect match! 

So, that’s a little peak behind the scenes at part of our brand – what do you think? What brand values are most important to you – personal or business? We’d love to hear. As always, you can pop something in the comments, connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, or drop us an email ?

* If you’re thinking about working on your personal brand, you could check out this challenge I’m taking part in at the moment with Gwendi Klisa all about Personal Branding. Click here to join in. 

See all our bracelets here and our earrings here. Enjoy!