Size Guide

Welcome to our Size Guide!

All our wrap bracelets are designed to wrap around your wrist five times. This produces a relaxed, stylish look that can be dressed up or down and we love it! If you have tiny wrists, you can even wrap six times!

This means that all bracelets are sized as follows:

All bracelets are beaded from the clasp to 34″ (approx. 86.5). There are then four closures at 35” (approx 89cm), 36” (approx 91cm); 37” (approx  94cm) and 38” (approx 96.5cm).

This is to accommodate larger wristed ladies (like myself!) and to give smaller wristed ladies the option to wear their bracelets looser, wrapped six times or twisted up a bit.

Once you have decided on your preferred fit and closure, you can snip off the excess closures with a sharp scissors. Cut at an angle to keep it looking neat, and…


With the leather and with your fingers!!!!

Or, you know – just leave it as it is!!!