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Three Easy Ways to Update your Summer Wardrobe for Autumn

Well, I think it’s on its way… I’m prepping my store and stock for Christmas (yep – I said it!); I got my fluffy socks out; and the flip flops have been relegated to the basket at the end of the bed. It’s September and winter is coming…

But first we have autumn – yay!

Autumn is great – it can still be warm (I’m still holding out for that Indian Summer); we get to dress more for style than just for the heat; and it’s time to get cosy – what’s not to love?

But… fluctuating temperatures, colder evenings and sudden rain showers can make it a challenging time fashion-wise. So, here are my top three tips to update your summer wardrobe for autumn…


1. Extreme Layering

In some of the A/W18 runway shows models were spotted wearing up to seven coats at a time (I’m looking at you Bellenciaga)… hey, choosing is hard, but even I think this might be a bit extreme!! And why is that guy blindfolded…?

update your summer wardrobe for autumn

So, take the idea and make it more ‘real-life’ friendly.

A summer dress, some tights, a thin cardi, a light jacket, a puffer jacket (if required!), and maybe even something waterproof! Keep the colours from the same palette or mix it up for maximum contrast – you will literally be ready for anything!

update your summer wardrobe for autumn

2. Bring out your inner animal

Animal prints and fabrics (faux obviously) always make a comeback around this time of year – the colours and textures just seem to really work with this season. So, a really easy way to update your summer wardrobe for autumn is to grab some animal themed accessories. A bag, a scarf, a belt, a wrap – even some animal-themed charms on a bracelet… new autumn collection coming soon! Click here to get on the list and get ahead of the curve! 

update your summer wardrobe for autumn

3. Blanket coverage

If you’re concerned about staying warm as you chat around your fire pit, drinking wine beneath the stars of an evening – just me? Then grab yourself a blanket wrap. These have been around for a while, but are so handy and versatile, we just keep going back for more!

Throw around your shoulders, wear it like a massive scarf around your neck or tuck into a belt for a more formal look – the choice is yours – and if the sun comes out? Chuck it on the ground and grab yourself an ice-cream – you’ve got yourself a picnic!!

update your summer wardrobe for autumn

So, there you have it – three easy ways to update your summer wardrobe for autumn.

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