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Your Questions Answered: Can I wear a wrap bracelet in the winter?

I’ve just got back from holiday. We went on a cruise to Spain and Portugal and had the most amazing time! We’ve never been to mainland Spain or Portugal before and a cruise meant we got to see a different place every day, which was brilliant. I, of course, rocked a selection of wrap bracelets throughout the trip – a wrap bracelet is the key to relaxed summer styling after all!

But, now we’re back. The washing is done, the tan is fading and the rain is falling… do I need to put my wrap bracelets away until Spring? NO!

The very definite answer to Can I wear a wrap bracelet in the winter? is ‘yes’ and here’s how…


Choose your colour…

There are literally hundreds of different colour beads to choose from. While a sunshine yellow or a sky blue might scream summer; how about a mysterious purple, rich garnet red or ice blue? Winter is a time to indulge yourself in rich warm colours and a wrap bracelet allows you to do that many times over!

You can also choose the leather colour. We have a range of different colours and finishes which lend themselves to different looks. How about an antique black with a rich patina for a ‘worn’ look? Or a rich chocolate brown to set off that emerald green?

Can I wear a wrap bracelet in the winter

Choose your finish…

One of the many reasons why I love Miyuki beads is the myriad of bead finishes to choose from… Rainbow, Clear, Metallic, Opaque – so many choices! And as with the colour, some finishes just lend themselves to a more opulent winter look. The Metallic finishes are perfect for that Christmas Party look or a Rainbow finish adds just the right amount of sparkle to that little black dress.  

Can I wear a wrap bracelet in the winter

Choose your perfect charm…

Finally, adding the perfect charm will make this your go to winter jumper and jeans accessory as well as your favourite party look. Make it personal, make it seasonal and make it meaningful. We have a huge array of charms to choose from and will be adding some season specific charms into the mix very soon. Think antlers, stars and subtle Christmas nods – making this wrap bracelet the perfect Christmas gift too.

Can I wear a wrap bracelet in the winter


So, there you have it, our answer to the question Can I wear a wrap bracelet in the winter? We hope you agree – we’d love to know how you wear yours in the winter. Hit us back in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram!

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Can I wear a wrap bracelet it in the winter

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